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Apple in Education

Why Apple for Education

Apple makes amazing products which can be used in the education sector, products like iPad, Macs & Apple TV can be a fun and new way to teach the students. iValue is an Apple Solution Expert for Education. We support schools, colleges, and universities all over India. Apple in Education helps ignite the creativity in every student.

iValue provides a whole line of Apple products which can be used to make the education sector more interactive and effective. Incredibly powerful, yet incredibly easy to use. For nearly thirty years, the Mac has given students the power to create in the classroom. And it continues to help unleash the potential in every learner.

Pages, Numbers. Keynote. Brilliant ways to keep your class productive. With Mac and the powerful free apps, students can write, analyze data and present their work in an engaging way.


Pro Apps from Apple. Take creativity to the next level. When creative minds meet Mac, amazing things happen. And with Final Cut Pro X and Logic Pro X, you and your students can produce incredible creative projects with the same tools the pros use.

Apple School Manager- Apple School Manager is a simple, web-based portal that helps IT administrators deploy iPad and Mac in schools. You can easily provide students and staff with access to Apple services, set up devices, get apps and books, and enable teachers with tools to create engaging learning experiences — all from one place. When used with your mobile device management (MDM) solution, you can configure device settings and buy and distribute apps and books. Apple School Manager integrates with Student Information Systems (SISs) and SFTP so you can quickly create accounts with school rosters and classes.

Apple Classroom App- Classroom is an iOS and macOS app for teachers that allows them to easily monitor iPads used by students in each of their classes. With Classroom, teachers can control connected iPads, opening apps, creating workgroups, and keeping track of student progress with screen sharing.


Apple Mac Lab

For higher studies, Apple Mac Lab can be very useful, Mac’s are very powerful devices and are very easy to use. Mac devices run on macOS, which comes with inbuilt applications which can do productivity tasks very easily. Mac’s have hardware capable to do very intensive tasks. Students in the field of designing, programming, and app development will find the Mac Lab very useful.

iValue is a certified Apple Education Partner, we have expertise in projects like these, and have deployed Mac Labs in any institutes over Gujarat.

iPad in Classroom

The perfect computer for learning looks nothing like a computer. Students, educators, and institutions are using the iPad to inspire creativity and hands-on learning that makes learning more powerful. Great teachers and powerful technology are an incredible combination, and together, they create the opportunity for students to explore their creative side, allowing them to do things they never dreamed were possible.

And we’re proud to deliver the very best products for unleashing the creativity. We’re driven to provide products that customers love — and students love to learn with iPad.

Shared iPad allows students to sign in and out of an iPad and automatically saves their app data to iCloud. Teacher iPads are also able to launch the Apple Classroom App to monitor and control student iPads to ensure that students stay focused and productive on their iPads at school.