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About Company

About Company

iValue is a bleeding edge B2B technical solutions company that utilises its extensive knowledge of corporate technology to provide state-of-art solutions unmatched in both quality and post-sale maintenance. We at iValue provide an array of widely customised solutions that ensure that your company’s technological requirements are met, if not exceeded. Some of the major services we currently provide consist of leasing/ financing hardware, deployment of software by setting up and maintaining your software into your company’s network and maintaining your hardware and software with our extensive technical knowledge and professional tech staff.


We also provide customised corporate solutions that will help you to be on top of corporate competition and never lose consumer appreciation due to a technical malfunction. Some of the solutions that we excel in include providing data-handling centres to provide a fluid and secure transfer of your company network data, enterprise computing that utilises cutting edge management software so that both your company and your customers never have a problem accessing data with full encryptive methods, and mobility solutions, the new age of corporate expansion that includes bulk-app distribution, customer support and mobile software solutions.

Customize Solution

Our customised solutions are expertly tailored to ensure that your company gets the service and maintenance you deserve.

Trusted Support

We are always ready to solve your problems. Our expert staff ensures that you and your customers never face a problem in terms of quality and overall experience of the product.

We understand

Our substantial professional experience has evolved us in a way that we know your company’s needs, guaranteeing that we deliver on our promises.

Our Vision

Enhancing quality of IT infrastructure’s and contributing to an innovative future.

Our vision is to provide businesses, result-oriented IT services and innovative solutions. We believe in Commitment, Innovation, and Quality.

Our Mission

Our objective is to understand our clients and their businesses better and build services customized to their requirement.

Culture and Values !

Good Corporate Governance

  • Transparency
  • Accountability
  • Trust

Total Employee Involvement.

A commitment to innovation and excellence

People as the source of our strength

Meet Our Team

We Are Team Of Professionals

Dhaval Bhatt

Presales - Manager

Hitesh Prajapati

GM Accounts